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Ignite's 2024 Production: Echoes of Creation

A young, upcoming artist has been given her first comission to create artworks for a museum exhibition, an opportunity she has been working towards her entire life. 

However, she never imagined it would make her second guess her life choices. With the help of Aesop, the selfless janitor, she attempts to please the pretentious curator while also trying to finish her own work-in-progress piece.

Based on the internationally well-know Aesop's Fables, Echoes of Creation depicts a journey of self-discovery and identity.

Echoes of Creation is a bilingual performance using English and LSM (Lingwa Tas-Sinjali Maltija).


The show will be held on Friday May 31st, Saturday June 1st, and Sunday June 2nd at 8pm, at San Gorg Preca Middle School, Hamrun.

Tickets and directions can be found here

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Singing & Dance
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